FOOD SAFE LUBE ( Aerosol) 400ml


FOOD SAFE is a laboratory formulation lubricant, composed of edible constituents, and highly recommended for use in all food plants.


FOOD SAFE is Nion Toxic, Odourless, Tasteless, Colourless, Non Irratating, Stable to heat , also has a wide temperature range ,has Anti static  properties ,and also Anti static properties . It will not taint foods and will not turn rancid and contains no silicones . 


Each aerosol is a complete lubrication unit, eliminating brushes, paddles and bulk grease.  FOOD SAFE penetrates cable cores, roller pins and other inaccessible areas.

Can be used while plant and machines are running, but in such cases, safety guards must NOT be removed.

FOOD SAFE will not sling off or break down, even in hot or cold water or steam.

Recommended areas of use include rollers, chains, cables, sprockets, stirrups, plungers, slides, guide rails, cams, castors and gears.

FOOD SAFE   is absolutely safe to use - even where lubricant may contact food.

  The active ingredient remaining after evaporation of the propellant and carrier, is a food grade material and meets FDA 1 standards and is safe for incidental food contact


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