COPPERLUBE ( Aerosol) 400ml


COPPERLUBE is a high quality, high temperature, high pressure anti-seize grease and lubricating compound which lengthens the life of nuts, bolts, screws and other metal components. Available in paste for brush on application or aerosol for a spray application

• Gives superior lubrication under extreme conditions.

• Helps to prevent pitting, corrosion, seizure and distortion.

• Allows nuts to go on tighter and come off easier.

• Reduces wear and friction on metal and rubber.

• Cuts replacement cost and provides high temperature resistance.

• Reduces loss due to heat distortion and incorrect tolerance.

• Does not harden, separate or evaporate under abnormal conditions.

• Acts as a sealant by making tighter joints and reducing friction.

• Inert to natural and synthetic rubber and metals.

• Can assist in overcoming problems caused to vehicles by snow, sand, salt and water.

• High film strength - aluminium colour.

• NON-CORROSIVE to most metals.

• Operates from -30°C up to 800°C as a lubricant.


CONSTRUCTION - Outdoor pumps, pneumatic hammers, universal joints, pipe fittings, pins, bolts etc.

MOTOR INDUSTRY - Heat and pressure gaskets, fuel injector nozzles, valve cages, pre-combustion chambers, hydraulic fittings, exhaust fittings, manifolds, brake callipers, exhaust connections, towing bracket bolts, radiator drain plugs.

INDUSTRIAL - Stay bolt and tubes, boiler fittings, pulleys, sprockets, cables, dies and die casting machinery, burner assemblies, compressor heads, etc.

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